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12 week EMDR Group

You are a rockstar. 

You are balancing work, home, family and fun. Somehow, you are keeping all the balls mostly in the air. But something from your past keeps tripping you up. You've done all the things, maybe even that viral TikTok journal but nothing's worked yet. It's time for something new. 

Our 12 week Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Group is designed to help you get unstuck from the past so you can reach your full hardcore potential. 

Alternating group and individual therapy, this program combines the power of community with targeted, individualized EMDR treatment. Let's see what you can do with your life when the past is no longer holding you back. 

What you get

6 group therapy sessions: $180 total ($30 each)

6 individual EMDR sessions: $720 total ($120 each)

Total: $900 ($300 savings compared to average private pay therapy sessions)

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